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Various workouts from my personal trainer, all in one place so I can get to them easily.

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Roll Your Own

The following are recommendations from my trainer on creating new workouts.

Mobility Warmup

I always recommend foam rolling before doing the mobility drills for the warm up.

Strength Training

I recommend starting with 2 core exercises in a superset, preferably an anterior core exercise and an anti-rotational/oblique core exercise. Then you'd move onto a tri-set of a lower body exercise, an upper body pushing exercise, and an upper body pulling exercise. If you have time, you can then work on stability and/or more mobility drills at the end. You would perform exercise 1a followed by 1b, and then you'd go back to 1a and then 1b. Continue this for the prescribed sets and reps. Then you'd move onto the 2nd group of exercises. You'd do 2a, 2b, 2c, and then go back to 2a and then 2b, 2c, etc. Then you'd do 3a, 3b...

Sample Workout

  • 1a. Straight Leg Sit Up—3 x 10
  • 1b. Band Anti-Rotation Press—3 x 10 each side
  • 2a. Goblet Split Squat—3 x 10 each side
  • 2b. 3-Point Dumbbell Row—3 x 10 each arm
  • 2c. Single Arm Band Chest Press—3 x 10 each arm
  • 3a. Reaching Single Leg Deadlift—3 x 10 each leg
  • 3b. Single Leg Kettlebell Swap—3 x 5 each direction each leg

You can mix and match exercises, and you can vary the sets and reps to keep things interesting. I usually recommend 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps of each exercise.  

Anterior Core Exercises

Anti-Rotational Core Exercises

Can use cable machine or band for most of these.

Lower Body Exercises

Upper Body Pushing Exercises

Upper Body Pulling Exercises


Running. Biking. Rowing. Stairs. Ropes.