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One of my first bosses I had as a programmer turned me on to the book Systemantics, by Dr. John Gall (the third edition is now called The Systems Bible—buy it, read it, learn it, live it). It was eye-opening, and has probably had as much or more to do with formulating much of my professional outlook as more well-known works such as The Mythical Man-Month.

I thought it would be fun to create a page that would serve up a random law, corollary, theorem or postulate from Systemantics. It could be used much like a “magic 8 ball,” or Oblique Strategies—something to get you thinking for the day, something to apply to the current blockage at work, an intellectual slap to the side of the head.

And so, here it is—your daily dose of systems theory (refresh the page for a new one):