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Colorado Trail Weather

Click anywhere on the map and it will take you to the National Weather Service's forecast for that latitude and longitude. The "Current Conditions" will be from the nearest weather observatory, but the "Extended Forecast" will be for or near the actual point you clicked. If there is a snowflake icon, that indicates a SNOTEL station. Clicking on it will open both the weather tab and the SNOTEL report page for that site.

Note: You may have to enable opening popups for this site to allow the new pages to open. On mobile you may have to pinch to see the whole map at once.

If you hover over a CT icon Colorado Trail Icon on the map, it will give you the waypoint information. If you hover over a SNOTEL icon SNOTEL, it will tell you the SNOTEL station name. See this page at the Colorado Trail Foundation for why monitoring SNOTEL conditions is important.

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Thanks to the Colorado Trail Foundation for making the Colorado Trail possible! Thanks to Ron Davis for his feedback on this page.