Mt. Harvard

The closest I’ll ever get to the Ivy League.

July 1, 2015


Climbed Mt. Harvard (14,420’, 4,395m) from the standard route along North Cottonwood Creek and Horn Fork Basin in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area northwest of Buena Vista, Colorado. There was still quite a bit of snow near the summit which made for a few interesting detours. Got to see a goat on the summit, probably from the same herd as the one I saw on nearby Mt. Columbia the year before.

I remember being saddened by a young man who turned back within a few hundred yards of the summit because of the snow and (he thought) the impending weather. I passed his camp on the way out, and he looked bummed. But, each person has to do and learn these things by experience, and this was one of his. Maybe next time he’ll take the chance and power on through. On the other hand, I didn’t get a lot of summit shots, because the weather was turning.

Round-Trip 13.6 mi (21.9km)
Time 7:30
Starting Elev ~9,730’ (~2,966m)
Max Elev 14,420’ (4,395m)
Tot Elev Gain ~4,830’ (~1,472m)


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Route Summit from Trail Goat on Summit Me on summit with Mt. Columbia Bear Lake Mt. Yale from Horn Fork Basin