Mount Bierstadt

Stylin’ up high.

October, 1996


You have to love a mountain whose name, translated from the German, is basically “Mount Beer City.” I climbed this mountain in October, 1996. It was my third 14er (Grays and Torreys being my first two). I didn’t write a trip report because it wasn’t worth one and I wasn’t writing them then. I followed the basic pedestrian route, starting at Guanella Pass, hiking through the swampy beaver meadows between the pass and the base of Bierstadt, almost getting a boot sucked off in the mud there. From there it was a straightforward slog up 2,300’ of tundra and talus slope to the top. Typical 14er crowd scene on top, of course, but the weather and views were terrific.

In the photo of me on the summit, you can tell it was early days for me – I’m wearing jeans and still in my 80s-style moussed hair.

Round-Trip 7 mi (11.27km)
Starting Elev 11,669’ (3,557m)
Max Elev 14,060’ (4,285m)



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Pano from Mt. Bierstadt Summit Me on Mt. Bierstadt Summit (the hair! the jeans!)