Goblin Valley State Park

Not very scary.

May, 1999


Part of my trip with John and Sally to the San Rafael Swell in Utah included a jaunt to Goblin Valley State Park. It is full of “goblins” or “hoodoos,” rock formations caused by the erosion of the soft sandstone in the area. Not as majestic as Bryce or Zion National Parks to the southwest, certainly not a “climbing” story, it is still a fun place worth showing, with the rock formations being very accessible. We spent a few hours scrambling around here, exploring lots of nooks and crannies. It is basically a giant playground.

There were good views of the Henry Mountains to the southwest. I’ve wanted to go back and climb those – they are so very remote and isolated! I was even corresponding with a professor at one point who does yearly scientific studies in that range, but decided I didn’t want to spend my vacation catching and tagging bats at night. Yikes!



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South Temple Wash Petroglyphs La Salle Mountains Goblin Valley State Park Goblins (Hoodoos) Henry Mountains to South Southeast Edge of Plateau Sleeping Cowboy