Code Challenge

File under: “Because we can.”

February 8, 2008

I love the Developmentor (now Global Knowledge) “guerrilla” courses. I’ve attended five of them over the years (.NET three times, ASP.NET, SQL Server). They are intense, 60+ hour classes. One thing I really like is that they don’t just rely on canned labs. They also have coding challenges for real prizes.

I never win the challenges because I am not a GUI programmer, so my programs never have much in the way of “eye candy” (and the whole class votes, so the best looking UI tends to win). However, one year the instructors gave me a Developmentor instructor’s shirt (which I still have and treasure). I got it for a challenge to write a complete app with five or less semicolons not counting the using statements (in C# only – VB.NET doesn’t count!). As one person pointed out in class, one way to do it would be to write an app entirely in XAML, and they did – a clone of Frogger, no less! But I took another path, where my code only has two semicolons and one statement (you read that right).

Below is a link to my version of the challenge code, which has features in it from everything we learned in that class up through the fourth night, when the challenges were presented. Eight years later, I still think it is pretty damned cool, in a claw-your-eyes-out kinda way. And as the comments say (yes, I even commented it for the challenge and posterity), I would fire anyone who actually wrote something like this for production.

Challenge Code (PDF)